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Product Code TrophyTinner
Product Description Industrial Tinner
Product Application
For paint- It is solvents that can dissolve paint and reduce viscosity of paint for use in sprayer applicators,
maintain a long working time and to slow the paint from drying on the palette.
For cleaning- remove baked on residue and general cleanup of spills, cleaning purpose in machineries,
machine spares manufacturing industries.
Product Characteristic Good solvency- dissolving power
Product Components Solvent
Appearance Colourless liquid
Packaging 3Kg, 15Kg & 180Kg


产品名称 Trophy Tinner
产品描述 天那水
产品用途 Trophy Tinner适于调节漆的溶度和清理脏污等
产品特性 溶解力强
产品成分 溶剂
形体 无色透明液体
包装  3公斤,15公斤和180公斤


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