Trophy 818
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Product Code Trophy 818
Product Description Super strong bonding glue
Product Application For adhesion of metal rubber, glass, leather, plywood, sponge, plastic, carpet, shoe heels, formica, architectural material furniture & etc
Product Characteristic Easy to apply, strong bonding strength and slow drying.
Product Components Synthetic rubber
Appearance Light brownviscous liquid
Viscosity L.V.T Type : 3500 - 5500
Packaging  3Kg, 15Kg & 180Kg


产品名称 Trophy 818
产品描述 光面板胶水
产品用途 适用于金属,橡胶,玻璃,皮料,三夹板,海绵,塑胶,地毯,鞋跟,光面板,建筑用途等
产品特性 使用简便,接着力超强,慢干
产品成分 人造橡胶系
形体 浅褐色黏状液体
黏度 L.V.T. Type: 3500 - 5500
包装  3公斤,15公斤和180公斤


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